Electroacupuncture* Electro-acupuncture (EA) is an adjunct acupuncture technique that was originally developed in 1950’s in China.  EA is performed by applying the small electrical current to percutaneously inserted acupuncture needles for therapeutic purposes.  EA greatly enhances acupuncture treatments’ effectiveness for a broad range of clinical conditions.

More and more research show that traditional acupuncture points, when needled, communicate with the central nervous system (including the brain) and have neuroanatomical influences on the body.  Based on this understanding, EA is often used to treat pains, anxiety, depression, fertility, insomnia, other internal disharmony and more.  

In addition, application of Micro current electricity to certain acupuncture points is shown to increase the energy level on the cellular level (ATP in mitochondria) and to enhance immunity.  Micro current electricity is also known to reduce inflammation and repair damaged soft tissues.  

* ​(Neuropuncture Points and Electrical Acupuncture: Module 2 by Dr. Corradino)

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